Shina Pellar declares political ambition; to run for Reps in Oyo State

Entertainment mogul, Shina Pellar has declared to run for a seat in the Federal House of Representatives in Oyo State under the flagship of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

The Chairman of Aquila Group of companies declared his manifesto at the Technical College, Iseyin in front of APC chieftains in Oyo State.

He guaranteed “empowerment schemes, good health care and youth development” as he declared his intention to run for House of Representatives in Oyo State.

He said “Most people who know me can vouch for the fact that I have never been interested in politics and I have never had an eye for it, but with the level of decadence in the country today I have been forced to change my mind.”

Shina Pellar is famous for his contribution to the entertainment industry in Nigeria prior to coming into politics.

Earlier in the year he hinted at getting involved in the upcoming elections.

“While I cannot say for certain if I will yield to the tremendous pressure on me to run for elective office from my constituency, one thing I can say for certain is I will be actively involved in the political process, I will no longer sit back and watch things go bad.

Mr Pellar encouraged Nigerian youths to get involved in politics in one positive way or the other.

“I enjoin all young people to do the same, please register to vote, join a political party, run for office, be the change you seek, it’s time to stop ranting on social media and take positive actions.

“The young people in Nigeria are the most powerful single bloc in the country today, however the old guard tries to divide us along ethnic, religious and cultural lines, but once we unite nobody can stop us. Let’s start changing Nigeria together today,” he said.

Peller is the boss of popular Lagos hangout; Quilox Night Club and owns a record label, Aquila Records.

He recently enlarged his line of business to cover Aquila Oil and Gas, Aquila building and projects ltd and Aquila smart homes ltd.

Nightlife King is the son to late Illusionist Professor Moshood Abiola Pellar who was widely considered as the best magician from Africa.

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