Emmanuel Ogbeche
Emmanuel Ogbeche
Emmanuel Ogbeche

These are times that call for utmost circumspection, ordinarily, one ought to be circumspect especially about politicians. But with the politics of 2019 on a rollercoaster with the sensational avowal of Senator Aisha Alhassan, and the rebuttal by the petit governor of Kaduna state, Nasir el-Rufa’i, there is the compelling urgency for chariness.

On Saturday, the story “broke” that Senator Alhassan was ready to “tell it all” on the alleged involvement of el-Rufa’I in the Chibok Girls saga. Since that revelation, the social media has gone into a febrile overreach and people relishing the prospect of getting to know how the Chibok conundrum was cooked.

Sorry to burst your bubble; that is a farfetched realization. Senator Alhassan is a tested administrator, and seasoned politician. She has weathered the storms of power and has an established understanding of the power matrix to suddenly become an “amebo” simply because the slithering snake, apologies to Sir Richard Akinnola II, confessed that “they” warned President Buhari against appointing her as a minister.

When my good friend Dr. Benjamin tagged me to the link, having earlier seen Churchill Umoren’s gleeful post on the same matter, I simply ‘waka pass’ because I just knew it was implausible that the minister did indeed said so.

Having convinced myself to read the “world exclusive” this morning, I chuckled the more and could see through the poor spin.

The story failed the elementary 5 W’s and 1 H in journalism. The spin doctors, perhaps, in their fevered excitement, botched their spin by not telling who was involved, when did it take place, where did it take place, we could concede that we know why it happen, but can say how it happened.

In the “world exclusive” no single attribution is ascribed to her, yet it is believable! People receive sense!

Let me make the point that I am fascinated by the el-Rufa’I persona in a psychoanalytical sense. For psychoanalysts and psychologists, el-Rufa’I is a rich source of interest given his ability to evolve multiple personalities in order to preserve his ascension as the ultimate alpha in the power equation.

Before I run, do I believe Chibok Girls abduction happened? I doubt owing to the factual inaccuracies of those who were material actors in the telemundo. Do I believe that Boko Haram kidnapped girls? Long before Chibok, long after the saga, people – young boys and girls, are being kidnapped daily. In case you don’t know, Chibok Girls was not the worse kidnapping that happened, rather, it was the abduction that happened in Damasak, Borno State sometime in March, 2015.

In that single unfortunate incident, 400 Nigerians were taken by the terrorists and 300 of those were elementary school pupils. The Globe and Mail Newspaper of Canada described it as the “The mass Boko Haram kidnapping that you never heard about.”

So, Chibok, whether contrived or not, was a tool for political chicanery to oust Jonathan. Is Aisha Alhassan the “Deep Throat” like in the Watergate Scandal that brought down Richard Nixon? I doubt it!

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