President American University of Nigeria, Dr. Dawn Dekle

BY Harry Awurumibe


ABUJA – With the current economic challenges in Nigeria and the attendant high rate of foreign exchange to transact overseas businesses including payment of school fees, Nigerian elites have been advised to enroll their children and wards at the American University of Nigeria, AUN, Yola, Adamawa state.

President of the University, Dr. Dawn Dekle, said they are guaranteed the same quality of education obtainable in the United States of America.

Speaking to Prompt News Online Tuesday in Abuja, Dr. Dekle posited that it was economically better for Nigerian parents to send their children and wards to AUN in Yola, than spend twice or thrice of the amount to send them abroad for First Degree certificates.

According to her, it is much wiser for Nigerian parents and guardians to enroll their children and wards at AUN than spending huge amount of money to send them to the USA for the same quality of education which is obtainable in Nigeria.

She argued that the Yola-based elite institution compares favorably with the revered schools in the United States like the Harvard, Stanford or Oxford Universities.

Her words, “AUN runs the same educational style like the American Universities. There is no difference in the system operated in the United States and the one we operate in Yola.

“The set up is the same American style of education but more importantly the AUN parades qualified teachers unlike what obtains in the USA where most of the lecturers especially those teaching new intakes are Graduate Assistant Lecturers from Asia while those teaching Freshmen in Yola are Professors in their fields”.

Dr. Dekle also revealed that the curriculum of AUN and that of Ivy universities in United States and Great Britain are the same and wondered why Nigerian elites will prefer to spend twice the amount to send their children to study abroad while they could spend less to get the same quality of education in AUN.

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