Nigeria, Computer village, safe for ICT transactions – experts

A cross section of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) experts said the ongoing Computer Village Exhibition Promo Fair had projected the hub and the nation as safe for ICT transactions.

The experts made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Friday at the fair where products were sold at 40 per cent discount.

Mr Godfrey Nwosu, President, Phone and Allied Dealers Association of Nigeria (PAPDAN) said that the fair was organised to help in curbing fraud in the community.

According to him, the fair will enable those coming into the computer village this season and beyond to know the association and group of persons to do business with.

“It is not like before when the computer village did not have a strong association to handle the running of the hub and to help curb crime and fraud.

“That dynamics is changing so fast and we are seeing a computer village that is well-organised and structured.

“It is the first time we would be having such an exhibition projecting computer village in limelight as a safe and the right technological hub to do business.

“It has been a success story because the security architecture of the market is well-placed.

“This fair would usher in a more secured environment, ‘’ Nwosu said.

Ademola Olaifa, Public Relations Officer, Computer and Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN) said that the computer village being the largest hub in Africa, produced a lot of apps and highly-intelligent people, who could fix faulty devices.

According to him, with all the expertise available in the hub, it would continue to be a major contributor to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

He noted that fraud existed in every market, saying that the computer village was up to the task in addressing issues of fraud and securing the environment.

“Be rest assured that anything you buy in the village is guaranteed and has a minimum of a year guarantee,’’ Olaifa said.

Mr Akintunde Akinsanya, Chairman, 2018 Computer Village Exhibition, said that change was the only permanent thing in life, saying that it necessitated the exhibition to change the negative impression about the computer village.

“In computer village, that name we were known for was not pleasing so we got determined that things must change.

“We made up our minds in the computer village that we need to represent the society well.

“We want to make sure that the technology we are known for will be used to benefit the society, individuals and the nation, ‘’ Akinsanya said.

Mr Kehinde Apara, President, Association of Mobile Device Technicians of Nigeria, said that the association represented technicians providing legitimate ICT services.

Apara said members of the association were offering services in fixing phones for Nigerians and using the exhibition to expose the bad eggs in the industry.

“That is why we are collaborating in this programme because we do not want anybody to hide under any organisation to carry out unwholesome practices.

“This place has been given a bad name but we are trying to change that image and that is why we are trying to identify who is who.

“If you are a phone technician, let us know you with your identity card.

“Anybody can come today put a table out there and claim to be a technician.

“I have written a memo to the government soliciting for a Nigeria mobile phone technician policy,’ he said.

Mrs Abisola Isokpehi, Managing director, Laptop Galleria, said that the Community Development Association (CDA) was doing all it could to ensure that the computer village is safe and secure for business transaction.

She said that the fair was organised to help in curbing fraud in the community so that those coming into the computer village this season and beyond would know the association and group of persons to do business with.

According to her, the CDA had ensured that tags are placed on offices or spaces for identification, especially for the enhancers or technicians as the case may be.

Isokpehi said the identification was to help in resolving issues or complaints by customers if brought to the notice of the CDA.

“We are also trying our best to make sure that the environment is clean and safe for all and sundry.

“Recently the CDA brought in officials of Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) to clear the environment and we had people who regulated the traffic flow because this place is the biggest ICT market in West Africa.

“So we want everyone to come in, feel safe and free in doing business.

“This is because in an environment where there is crowd, there will be hoodlums,’’ she said.

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