Minimum wage: Sowore offers salary calculator 

Presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore
In solidarity with the Nigerian worker, Presidential Candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC), Omoyele Sowore has revealed a salary calculator on his campaign website which compares the salary of Nigerian workers with the salary of a serving senator.
The calculator which tells how long it would take a worker in Nigeria to earn just the allowances that National Assembly Members take one in month is coming in the heat of conversation on how much Nigerians should earn as the new minimum wage.
Sowore had in his Independence Day rally at the Gani Fawehinmi Park in Lagos said “when they want to receive allowances, there is money but when Nigerian workers who create the wealth demand for a fair wage for their labour, Facebook economist will tell you it will cause inflation. How will investing in your human resource cause inflation? How come the salary of our senators who do nothing have not caused inflation?”
He went on to propose a 100,000 naira minimum wage which he called “living wage” adding that “what this will do is that it will empower civil servants with purchasing power, they will stimulate the market through demand and supply and this will grow local businesses but they say this is not possible because they want you to remain where you are”.
On where he will get the money to finance his proposal Sowore said “There are uncollected royalties From Oil companies who are making a kill from our oil blocs. A fraction of this money alone can pay the Nigerian worker without the government breaking the bank”.
Reacting to the tool on Facebook, Oke Temitayo Ezekiel said “And this is what I got: it will take you 4 years, 10 months to earn Nigerian Senators Monthly Allowance. Wahala Deh!”
“It will take me 11 years 3 months to earn a senators monthly salary” said Folorunsho Williams after using the salary calculator tool.

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