Israel Begins Operation Northern Shield Against Hezbollah

By Tony Obiechina
The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), has launched what it termed Operation Northern Shield with the aim of locating and neutalizing the cross border assault tunnels constructed by  Lebanon.
A statement from the Israeli Embassy in Abuja, said the IDF “is conducting these defensive engineering measures south of the Blue Line in Israeli territory”.
According to the statement, signed by the Embassy’s Press Officer, Zanswat Bowsan, ” this operation which began in the early hours of 4th December, 2018, is intended to neutralize the cross border assault tunnels emanating from the Lebanese territory”.
The statement explained that while Israel is not interested in any escalation (in the territory), “it will take all necessary measures to defend its sovereignty and its citizens”.
According to the statement,”These tunnels were built by the internationally designated terror organization, Hezbollah.
“The construction of these tunnels, built by Hezbollah and funded by Iran, alongside the ongoing efforts to transfer arms, convert inaccurate projectiles into precision-guided missiles and manufacture precision-guided missiles in Lebanon- is a flagrant violation of Israel’s sovereignty and marks yet another stage of Hezbollah’s ongoing effort to expand its military build-up and further destabilize the already volatile region.
Hezbollah, the Iranian proxy in Lebanon is advancing an Iranian agenda to turn Lebanon into a launching pad for attacks that threaten lives of innocent Israelis while endangering Lebanon and its citizens.
The tunnel project constitutes an ongoing blatant violation of Security Council Resolutions and the State of Israel holds the Government of Lebanon responsible for these violations”.

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