Is Smoking Your Problem? Ramadan Assists in Your Reformation, by Musa Daud


Habit is an interesting thing. It is formed over time. The first time a bad habit is undertaken, the subconscious will let you know it is wrong. However, repeated doing of the act hardened the conscience and so, it becomes a habit not minding the fact that you or your loved ones did not approve of the acts and actions.


As usual, let us begin:
In The Name of Allah entirely Merciful The Especially Merciful
I offer thanks to Allah s.w.t the Master of creation. If pray for a uncle of peace and blessings for the best of Mankind, Muhammad a.a.w, his household, his companion and the rest of us that followed him till the Day of Kiyyamah. Amin
The Ramadan season is one big help that is designed to make a better human being out of anyone that submit totally to the will of his Creator, Allah (The Majestic).
Among the habit that is cultivated from pear group is the act of smoking and drinking of intoxicant. The universal acceptance that Islam has declared the taken of any form of intoxicating drink or substance is very clear. One issue that the people are asking for exposition on is the issue of smoking of substance.
It is a fact that human intelligence have researched into tobacco and other forms of grass that form the family of cigaret or cigar and it has been medically proving that “Tobacco smoking is dangerous to your health”. Smoking is not only dangerous to your health; it is injurious to your entire environment; home, open spaces, family and friends.
At the moment, the smoker has been so ridiculed to the extent that he or she is officially confined to the toilet or an enclosure available for him and his ilk. As ridiculous as this confinement is, the smoker cannot still help himself. Thou, he has all the answers to his query. He knows smoking is dangerous. He also know that he is been insulted by segregating him from the ‘decent’ human being in the society. Inwardly, the smoker cries for help. Outwardly, he poses as of the world is under his feet! Who is fooling whom?
Kick The Bad Habit:
For a Muslim that is fortunate to meet Ramadan, he now has an opportunity to better himself. The question he can easily answer is that: if those healthy foods, halal foods, beneficial foods and drinks in his affordable list; he needs to distance himself from eating and drinking in the daytime of Ramadan. At breaking of the fast, he need only to take the amount that will sustain him to be able to carry on with the remaining Sunnah acts, why is it that he will then even consider the taking of things his human intelligence have convinced him it is not good for him, Alcohol or Cigarette?
Reflect on This Please:
“O you who believe! Do not consume each other’s wealth illicitly, but trade by mutual consent. And do not kill yourselves, for God is Merciful towards you.” 4:29
The Producer, Distributor, The Advertiser and The Consumer:
Economic consideration is not and should not be the reason why thing that are bad will now be given approval, no. The effect of what is bad is bad effect. No other name for it.
You are therefore advices not to wrongly consume each other’s wealth and you are advised not to kill yourselves. If act contrary to these injunction, be rest assured that something will happen.
This will happen sooner or Later:
“Whoever does that, out of hostility and wrongdoing, We will cast him into a Fire. And that would be easy for God.” 4:30
The Promised!
“If you avoid the worst of what you are forbidden, we will remit your sins, and admit you by a Gate of Honor.” 4:31
This is the month of mercy, the month of forgiveness, a month in which the devil is in chain. It is easy for you to drop any bad habit if you truly intend it and fasting remand an in order to see the Face of Allah s.w t.
I pray you succeed in this endeavor. Have a blessed Ramadan.
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