The National Institute of Physics (NIP) on Friday urged the Federal government to invest in physics, science and technology to boost national economy.

Prof. Pius Okeke made the call on the sidelines of the National Conference of the National Institute of Physics with the theme: “The role of physics and technology in the economy development”.

Okeke said that the proper funding of physics and its specialised institute would help in economic recovery.

According to him, physics is the foundation of science; and science and technology have contributed to the economic growth of the nation.

Okeke said that the investments on physics and science as a whole would improve the already poor state of teaching sciences.

“Investment on physics and other science-related courses will  improve our technological knowhow with less emphasis on natural resources.

“Most of these advanced countries have excelled as a result of their investment on sciences.

“Our country can do the same if the best brains in sciences and engineering are given opportunity to head science related ministries and industries.

“Government should as a matter of urgency increase the funding of specialised institutes and organisations for economic recovery,’’ he said.

The  new officers were appointed to steer the affairs of the institute.