In Memmory of Aisha B Lemu, by Mallam Musa Dau’d

Aisha Lemu

Aisha B Lamu memorial (lives in our heart)

My modest activity with Federation of Muslim Women Association in Nigeria (FOMWAN), Abuja sector and some of her Books on Islamic Education for schools made me to occasionally be in contact with Aisha B Lemu.

To one of the women in my life (Hajia KMD an educationist herself- she described her as Enigma. Me described her as colossus.

Memory is remembering the past. The past however is history. History is made. History is taught. In the words of The words of a pious scholar (name escapes me as I write); “we are all going to become history, you should try to become a good story”.

The challenge is that the history you’ll become is to be scripted and acted by you but related or taught by others known to you or read your history. Aisha B Lemu is a legend!

Faith of Conviction:
The excuse people give for unbelief is not her lot. She became a Muslimah, adherent of Faith in Al-Islam through thorough enquiry, investigation, research and adoption of a Faith, submitting herself not only to Allah (swt), also to her husband and the Shari’ah.

Having been exposed to all kind of system of beliefs and faith. Then, she adopted ISLAM with all that it contains. The beauty and strength of her faith follows her wherever she goes. The Light of Islam must be lit and Glow it must.

Her Marriage to Our own Sheikh Lemu speaks volume. A Shari’ah scholar for that matter and avowed educator.
Yes, the Shari’ah! Considering her background, she could chose not to be wife “number 2”. She could opt for remaining abroad and corner the husband to herself. She could decide not to be involved with the dreams and aspirations of her husband.
As a European, with her exposure and learning, there are so many options for her than to be wife number 2.

The direction and decision of Hajia Lemu (which I will be talking or writing about in the present tense- for obvious reasons) is guided by the dictates of the Shari’ah. What is acceptable by Allah swt remains acceptable and what is prohibited remain a prohibition not minding academic exposure or social standing.

The outcome is that she made tremendous impact to womanhood, tremendous impact in education, tremendous impact in marriage and family life.

All of these reflected in the children she had and the success of marriages of her sons and daughters. Aisha B Lemu is not a history, you are a good story, yes, a story to tell to one and all and the Angels of Allah swt are my witnesses.

For me, your sadaqat Jahariyyah makes you to remain in the presence of us Faithfuls and be addressed in the present terms.
O Allah, bless your Boundswoman, Aisha B. Lemu with Aljannah Firdaus. Aamiin.

Musa Dau’d
National Coordinator / AmirulArm
Islamic Family Foundation

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