Oluchi Tobex Tobe-Chukwu,
Oluchi Tobex Tobe-Chukwu,
Oluchi Tobex Tobe-Chukwu,
By Oluchi Tobex Tobe-Chukwu
Harrysong, our gra gra done do…
Just saw music man, Harrysong’s video on Instagram falsely condemning Governor Okowa of Delta State for not having stopped the people of Aladja and Ogbe Ijoh from fighting and killing themselves.
A grossly politically motivated but ill-reasoned and misdirected outburst, he concluded that Okowa is not a leader, father and threatened to work against his return in 2019.
First worry is if Harrysong is actually interested in the life of his people or in the governorship of Delta State.
Second worry is Harrysong told a lie that Gov Okowa has never intervened. It is on record that in the heat of their clash in 2016, the government sent a troop of the 3rd Battalion of the Army in Warri to keep the peace and prevent destruction of lives and property.
Before then, the community people had chased away a team of police men that were sent to also keep the peace and burnt down their police station.
In July, 2017, Okowa also called a peace meeting involving the traditional, political, youth leaders of both communities and the security agencies and members of the Peace Building Committee to sue for peace and lasting solution to the confict.
But they have dishonored all such top level interventions and went back to the orgy of bloodbath. Harrysong wants us to blame it on Okowa. Haba!
Thirdly and most importantly, is it that Aladja and Ogbe Ijoh people are fighting just to wait for Okowa to come and settle them? Are the leaders of both communities not sensible enough to know that war is an ill wind that blows no one no good? Haven’t we all always known that it’s only on the round table that conflicts are better resolved? Are we not civilised enough to know that land disputes can be settled in the courts and many communities have gone through that route to settle matters?
Do we have to tell a sensible child to get out of the sun? How do you put your hand in the anus and bring to your nose to see if it will smell?
Harrysong sang after the reggae play the blues. Can we also sing to the Aladja and Ogbe Ijoh people that having fought and killed themselves all these years, the right thing to do is to embrace peace or legal resolution as Governor Okowa has evidently preached to them?
The incidence of communal and ethnic clashes has been responsible for the flight of many oil companies and big businesses from Warri area. Not only is the opportunities for employment hampered, the window for internal revenue generation through taxes has also been shrunk. Yet we keep killing ourselves and politicising it by wanting to put the blame on even those who are doing everything possible to stop us hurting ourselves.
Can’t we simply say enough is enough and change our attitude rather than continue fighting and blaming it on Gov Okowa?
Na wa o, our mumu done do na…
Oluchi Tobex Tobe-Chukwu, Journalist with Sportsville Communication and Delta indigene

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