Harmattan: Expert advises asthma patients to limit exposure to dust

Dr Nuhu Bile, the Acting Epediomologist, Gombe State Ministry of Health, has advised asthma patients to limit exposure to dust to avoid attack during the harmattan season.
Bile gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Gombe on Saturday.
He noted that harmattan comes with dust which triggers asthma as well as cases of respiratory infections such as cattarh, tonsillitis and pneumonia.
He also said people with sickle cell disorder should keep their body warm to prevent attack.
The expert advised that skin should be well protected against the effect of harmattan by applying Vaseline to keep the body moist and prevent it from cracking.
Besides, Bile appealed to parents to watch their children and wear them warm cloths to minimise the risks of contracting respiratory infections.
He also emphasised the need of wearing protective glasses as well as mask to cover nose and mouth from inhaling dust.
NAN reports that the harmattan is a geographical feature of the Sahel and Savannah region of West Africa, characterised by cold, haze, dust and dry weather conditions.
It is usually accompanied by strong winds, blowing south from the Sahara into the gulf of Guinea between the month of November and March annually.

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