Half Salary is a Crime Against Humanity-Adeleke Group Insists

Adeleke Support Group (ASG) has attacked Oyetola Strategic Forum for defending the notorious half salary policy of the Aregbesola administration, declaring half salary as “a crime against humanity”

Reacting to the forum’s opposition to Adeleke’s promise to end half salary, the Adeleke Support Group expressed shock that any responsible group could shamelessly demonstrate so deep,undisguised hatred for Osun workers by justifying half salary policy of the last 34 months.

“It is the height of disdain,disrespect and insensitivity for Osun workers to assert that they are happy and enjoying this tyranny of an insensitive governor and his exploitative partner,Gboyega Oyetola.When many are dead,when many families are separated,some paid agents still dare to add salt to injury by mocking the pains and anger of Osun workers.

“If a public worker is earning N40,000 monthly and you are paying him  N20,000 for the past 34 months,how do you expect him to survive with his family? If a public spirited Governor in waiting,Ademola Adeleke now vowed to ensure full salary payment ,should not we commend him if we truly love Osun workers?

“All the warped arguments advanced to justify this inhuman policy initiated by Ogbeni Asiwaju  Gboyega Oyetola failed when it is in public domain that financial recklessnes was the reason behind the inability of the state government to pay workers’ salary. You borrowed execessively, unaccountably to finance superbly inflated contracts.You then imposed inhuman burden on workers depriving them of their originally inadequate earnings.

” The Aregbesola administration has committed grievious crime against humanity.Osun people knows for a fact that  the architect of this sadistic policy is Gboyega Oyetola and he has promised to continue similar line as a candidate. That was why his group was so bitter that a philanthropist from  from a public spirited family has resolved to put an end to the suffering of the people.

“No amount of personal attacks will deter Osun workers and their families from rejecting a sadist who has inflicted so much pains on them at the polls.The love demonstrated by the people for Senator Adeleke must have shocked agents of poverty at Abere,hence their ill thought  out defence of man’s inhumanity to man.

“The increasing popularity of Senator Adeleke was due to his sterling performance in the Senate in the last one year.As a performing Senator,the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) has  demonstrated his capacity to serve and deliver on good governance going by his records in the Senate in the last one year.

“Osun people wants a compassionate governor who will not impose punitive taxes and levies,who will not deny them their salaries,who will care for pensioners,who will run an honest government ,who will listen to their needs.That person is Ademola Adeleke”,the statement affirmed.

“We call on Osun people to reject any candidate associated directly or indirectly with the administration of Rauf Aregbesola. Use your voter’s card to say no to both APC 1 and APC 2.Both are poison dressed with chocolate “,the group concluded.

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