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Good Conduct Beautifies Your Faith-By Mallam Musa Da’ud

Alfa Musa

O Allah! Do not let our hearts deviate
After You have guided us
Give us Thy Mercy
Thou Hath The Most Merciful
Of those who show mercy
There is need to commence today’s write- up with Prayers because it has to do with Faith and Conduct. Faith and Character formation is not something you can force anyone to imbibe. That is why Almighty God ( Allah – s.w.t )says in the Glorious Qur’an:
” No  Compulsion in Religion, Truth is distinct from error”
Glory is to  the One that has revealed the Criterion to His Servant (p.b.u.h) so that he (s.a.w) may be a warner to the worlds. 25:1(Furqan ).
Thanks is also due to Allah (s.w.t) for given the Messenger Muhammad (p.b.u.h) the forbearance to ensure he conclusively bringing the Message to conclusion.
A lot of appreciation goes to our Ustazees, the Scholars that nurture our mind to be healthy with Allah’s revelation and the Ahadith of the Messenger.
If not for these great Scholars, perhaps some of us too could have been in darkness, while thinking we are on the right and light.
Peace and Salutation be upon the Noble Messenger, his household, his companion, all the Ustazees that nurture the present day Mujahis and the rest of us that followed the footsteps of Muhammad (p.b.u.h)  till the Day of Resurrection – Amin
After this, it will be in order to welcome you all to ‘the essence o Life’ after the deserved break of Ramadan period. There is no doubt that you have gained tremendously from the Ramadan, and other training intended for you to be a better Muslim.
A good Muslim is automatically a good Citizen while a Sinner Muslim will be a bad Citizen.
A Muslim that drinks intoxicant, gamble, and get involved in any form of anti social activity certainly can not make a good Citizen. Obeying your creator means you are free from what will injure others in every material particular.
Today, I am taking a look at inner beauty. Inner beauty is the essence of Ramadan, call it taqwa, Faith, God Consciousness, Piety, Ethics, Moral Rearmament, Moral Rejuvenation all of these and more is what Ramadan teaches the world in general and the Muslim in particular.
Let me begin like this:
What is the condition of your heart? I  asked because your heart determine your beauty. A  physically beautiful person might not be of good conduct and bearing, however, a morally upright, ethics and Values orientated person will forever remain beautiful.
On the essence of Life today, we are saying: Beautify your heart through faith. It is this inner beauty that is looked for when the Scholar says:
‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’.
Beauty is skin-deep, it is beyond the market- display of wares. That is reason, most times, the not so physically endowed, beauty- wise, get husband faster and even retain husband as against the one that considers herself a beauty pageant candidate.
Come to think of it, it is a fact that every creature of Allah ( s.w.t ) is beautiful. The knowledgable ones will always see beauty is every creature of Allah ( s.w.t ). The Sky, Man, Woman, Animals and Plant. Even in the Camel that appear to have the least of physical beauty, her strength is her beauty!
One bird that the world acknowledge to be beautiful is the Peacock. Take a cursory look at the peacock, you will have no iota of thought that it is a beautiful Bird. Of course, if you are colour blind or suffering from catharact , it might be difficult for you to notice the wonderful plumage of the Peacock. But to be honestly, Peacock is beautiful.
What is of interest to me is the fact that as beautiful as this Bird is, it weeps, it weeps because the Bird has a pair legs, which by its own estimation, very ugly! So, anytime it dances round, spreading its feathers and that wonderful plumage of his, it always end- up looking at its legs, this no doubt humble him and he weeps.
The quoted verses are the verses I intend to make use of for this interaction.(23:55-64). Read on:

 “Do they think that by consistently providing them with wealth and children”

“We are accelerating the ( real ) good things to them?” 

 “( On the contrary ) Those who are anxious out of the fear of Allah”

During Ramadan you were able to manage your resource
You showed mercy to the less privilege
Do even show mercy on yourself by not indulging your self
That mean you are the one controlling your wealth
Never allow your wealth to control you

The fact however is that they do not understand (the reality)
Why did Allah gave you the Sun
Why must you have sufficient rainfall
Why were you given a good soil
Abundance of mineral Resource
It is for you to be able to live well and live right

The good things you have as wealth can only be of use to you
If you attach Faith with sincerity, honesty, fairness

“And those who believe in the revelation of their Lord
And those who associate no partner with their Lord”

Sincerity in faith is of essence
Faith without good works is confusion
Belief in Allah, Angels, Prophets, Books, resurrection, Destiny
These are all essential ingredient of Faith
The greatest crime is to associate partner to Allah
Will you be happy if after you have trained your child he adopt another      parent while you are still living?
Your God my God is One God
That is the article of Faith
If you join a cult and claim Faith, you are only deceiving yourself

“And those who give whatever they give, with their hearts full of fear that to their Lord they are to return”
Charity not rituals
Charity not exploitation
Whatever you do and you expect reward from Allah
Not because of election, sex, oppression etc
That is Charity that is acknowledged by Allah

“Those are the people accelerating towards the real good things, and they are the foremost to attain them”

Never relent is doing good deeds
Compete with each other in virtuous acts
Compete in the training of your children
Compete in taking care of your families
Let Governors compete in giving dividends of Governance
Democracy or Good Governance is it one and the same?
If buy the dummy that ‘Democracy’ equal ‘Good Governance’ … Hum ..un

Plan Your Life My People and Take up The Challenge of Living!
We do not place a burden on a anyone except according to his ability. With Us there is a Book which speaks the truth and they shall not be wronged.

Remember as you lay your bed so shall you lie on it.
Plan your life well
Organize your finances
Plan your family, breast feed your child,
Educate your children
Islamic Education is a comprehensive one
Medicine, Law, Engineering Teaching etc. top it up with adequate knowledge of Islam, then you will be a well rounded personality
Work within your means, then Allah will support you

What do you do with the ignorant ones? Ever wonder why the rich also cry?
But their hearts are in ignorance about these, and they have deeds other than that, which they are continuously doing.

Until when We will seized the affluent ones with punishment, then they will suddenly start crying.

The essence of life is to know that it is good to look or appear beautiful; however, it is far better to have a beautiful character and conduct like the Messenger of Allah. He teaches by conduct. He taught by precept. But the greatest beauty of Man is to know God, worship Him and obey Him. Good conduct will certainly beautify your Faith.

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