Expert Links Fruit Juice To Healthy Lifestyle

Managing Director, Induge Nigeria Limited, Dr. Bisi Abiola has linked 100% fruit juice to healthy living, saying its intake would help consumers to manage health challenges better.

Abiola made the observation in the first edition of her monthly fruit juice and wellness dialogue. The series is aimed at boosting public knowledge on fruit juice consumption and its impacts on every-day living.

In the series entittled ‘Fruit Juice: Myths and Facts’, Abiola argued that consuming fruit juice  was adviseable for individuals who could not strain their digestive systems, as the body has the capacity to break down juice faster than other substances such as hard foods.

She submitted: “Fruit juice comes in handy if you are unable to keep solid food down or recovering from illness. On the fun side, juicing is a delightful way to relax and enjoy with your friends”.

“Interestingly, there are fruit juice brands such as Chivita that are chockfull of calcium, Vitamin C and other vital nutrients required for optimal performance of the body. Fruit juice consumption helps you to get closer to your daily recommended fruit.

“It is advisable to have a glass of fruit juice instead of sweetened soda, which often contains high fructose syrup difficult for your body to process.”

Abiola also said that juice-cleanse aids weight loss. She, however, warned that the exercise is a crash diet and that its impact could only be sustained if the individual involved did not return to his or her normal lifestyle.

She continued: “One of the myths is that juice cleanse can help detox your body. While there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, proponents of fruit juice cleanse say it is suitable if you are fasting and prefer breaking the fast with refreshing drinks rather than solid food. Cleansing, however, should not be more than three days”.

“The notion of juice cleanse detox is based on the vitamins and small quantity of B group vitamins and some trace of minerals present in 100% fruit juices. This makes fruit juice a sensible choice especially when the body needs detoxification.

The well-known dietrician argued that fruit juice helped to slow down kidney stone formation among people with history of the condition.

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