Catholic Diocese of Enugu Mourns… by Harry Awurumibe

The sad news of the kidnapping and the confirmation days after of the death of Reverend Father Clement Ugwu of St. Mark Catholic Parish in the peaceful hill-top town of Obunofia Ndiuno in Ezeagu Local Government Area of Enugu state is one death too many.
Sincerely speaking it is like we (Nigerians) have lost humanity. Human lives do not matter anymore especially to evildoers and they are many these days. They include but not limited to armed bandits, robbers, kidnappers, marauders and ritualists-“Gbe omo gbe omo”
They are everywhere targeting soft targets in the urban, semi- urban and rural communities. They are also found along major highways, lonely rural roads and even at street corners. No place is safe and nobody is spared.
But the kidnapping of a Man of God, an Ordained Priest, God’s own Elect, a Shepherd, a Fisher of Men and Servant of the People of Obunofia Ndiuno is very bad. It is condemnable. It is sinful to abduct and kill Father Ugwu for whatever reason.
Those who masterminded and executed this despicable act are not only condemned on earth, it is not certain that they will make heaven which was what the priest kept preaching for the faithful at his Parish in Obunofia Ndiuno until his life was cut short by the kidnappers.
The abduction and killing of Father Ugwu has thrown the sleepy Obunofia Ndiuno community and its environs into mourning. Also mourning are the entire Enugu Catholic family, indeed Christians of all denominations and all men of Good will.
Although Father Ugwu’s body has been laid to rest on Wednesday March 20 at Holy Ghost Cathedral Enugu after a High Mass, both the Federal and Enugu State Government must fish out the abductors and killers of the “Obunofia Ndiuno Father.
Again, the relevant security agencies under the command of Enugu srate and Federal Government should as a matter of urgency set up a joint patrol of security agencies or Police Post in Obunofia Ndiuno, Ezeagu LGA.
As an agrarian community, Obunofia Ndiuno attracts the influx of herdsmen and “hunters” who may have “evil intentions” to harm the peace-loving people of Obunofia Ndiuno. In this way the death of Revd. Fr. Clement Ugwu, a Parish Priest of St. Mark Catholic Church would not have been in vain. Adieu Fr. Ugwu.

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