Baptist Union to Christians: Be involved in active politics

The Men’s Missionary Union (MMU) of the Nigerian Baptist Convention on Thursday advised Christians to go  beyond obtaining their Permanent Voter Card (PVC) and take active part in politics.

The National President of MMU, Dr George Dawari, gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the sidelines of the union’s 39th Annual National Conference in Lagos.

Dawari said Christians should ensure that candidates with the right character were voted into office to give the much needed direction to the polity.

“For those talking about PVCs and all that, while I agree that taking your PVC is important, I want to go further to say Christians should play active role in party politics.

“What we have seen is that parties throw up alternatives that are not for us. If Christians are involved in party politics, it means that they will determine who should represent the people.

“We would have lost it if those presented by the parties do not merit our support. So, Christians, beyond taking their PVC should get involved in party politics.

“Once we do that, then Christians’ influence in politics will be overwhelming,” he told NAN.

Politics, according to Dawari, should be seen as a ministry and not a career, which required a calling from God.

“I do not know how other Christians feel, but for me politics is a calling, just like God calls pastors.

“Politicians should allow God to call them into politics and once you are not a called person, then you should stay away from representing
the people.

“When God calls you, he will ensure that you have what it takes to see you though,” Dawari said.

He urged Christians to build their hopes on the assurances of God that they “are light to the world and salt of the earth, giving illumination
and tastes to good governance.”

Dawari noted that the theme of the conference, “Fresh Fire”, was apt, saying it will help to reinforce and strengthen men’s “spiritual
fibre” towards the right path.

Deacon Elijah Ajadi, the Chairman, MMU Lagos East Baptist Conference, also told NAN that the essence of the conference was to re-ignite
the fire in men for nation building.

Ajadi said the church had done a lot of sensitization, especially the youth arm of the Baptist church on how to conduct themselves
during the 2019 elections.

NAN reports that the 5-day conference, holdiong at the Shepherd Hill Baptist Church, Palmgrove, Lagos, will end on Aug. 24.

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