ALDI Diaspora Asks Buhari To Sign Electoral Act

Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi
LONDON –  The Atiku Leadership Development Initiative (ALDI) in UK Diaspora has called on President Buhari to sign into law the electoral act amendment for the promotion of free and fair election come Feb 2019. 
Speaking at a recent press conference DR Wilson Diriwari ALDI DIRECTOR DIASPORA called on all Nigerians at home and abroad to back plans to introduce biometric card readers.
These card readers will bring to an end any future election vote rigging, help identify and stop
manual manipulation of votes and over-voting.
ALDI Diaspora therefore calls on the current administration which has brought economic woes, unemployment and lack of foreign investors in Nigeria to respect the rights of Nigerians by signing the amended electoral
act into law in order to protect our democracy.
ALDI Diaspora is reaffirming that the joint ticket of Atiku/Obi Presidential candidacy will return Nigeria to the path of unity, overcome security
challenges and help improve the economy for all Nigerians.
Dr Wilson Diriwari, ALDI Director Diaspora strongly believes that the PDP candidacy of Atiku/Obi stand a better chance of upstaging the
incumbent to move Nigeria forward from its current state of stagnation and retrogression under President Buhari and therefore urges all Nigerians in diaspora to throw their support and might in the realisation of ‘DIASPORA VOTING RIGHTS’ when Atiku/Obi come into government
in 2019.

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